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Internet accessibility and affordability
affordable internet
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Apply Online! Watch This! Download That! For many of us, these types of transactions happen dozens of times a day without a second thought. There is a wealth of knowledge, resource, and opportunity at our fingertips. Unfortunately, based on these sobering facts relating to broadband access for residents in our communities, a tremendous gap exists preventing this seemingly ubiquitous service from entering the homes where it is needed the most.

Bridging the Digital Divide In 2019, together with Comcast, SHIFT launched Sponsored Service affordable high-speed internet for our residential tenants. This provided affordable access to connection and opportunity we believe will help improve and enrich our tenants’ lives and neighborhoods. Additionally, the added internet access will allow our tenants to take advantage of home security and smart technology features we are installing at our residences. Access to an unlimited amount of resources, and added safety and security, it is an obvious choice we and all landlords should be contemplating.

affordable internet
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affordable internet
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Working side-by-side with Comcast, SHIFT helped develop the Sponsored Service program, which is built from Comcast’s comprehensive Internet Essentials program and is available to all qualified tenants. Sponsored Service creates a vehicle for sponsors, like SHIFT, to manage payment and setup for tenants, and incorporate the free service into our residential rental agreement. This is a small investment with big dividends for households that lack internet access.

affordable internet

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