Genevieve Geer

Juggernaut Studios/Le Puppet Regime

Glass studio, store, and gallery for handmade oddities
Juggernaut Studios storefront challenge winner

Genevieve is a glassblower, former animator, community advocate, a curiosity of energy, and a small business owner.

For Genevieve, fire powers her business and drives her passion. She is a trained glass artist and a maker, an illustrator and animator, and an engineer and experimenter. Most of her work is “a combination of traditional stained glass technique mixed with a Lowbrow, Pop Surrealist sensibility.” Think stained glass as a whimsical statement piece. She produces and sells her art under the Le Puppet Regime brand.

Genevieve applied to the Storefront Challenge on sort of a whim after a local community group member suggested the program. She had been running Le Puppet Regime out of her dining room for years and was consistently building her customer base and growing her bottom line. Genevieve saw the Storefront Challenge as an opportunity to give her the muster she needed to take the next step in expanding her business and living out her dreams.

She was named a Storefront awardee, and one year later, she opened Juggernaut Glasshaus in MaKen Studios North in Kensington. The Glasshaus houses her production studio for Le Puppet Regime, a retail shop, and micro-studios for other MaKers.

Storefront Challenge Winner Genevieve Greer Juggernaut

From award to opening, Genevieve hit and rode out many bumps along her journey. She admits if she could hit the reset button, she would be more patient in developing her ideas and space, she would take a few breaths, make sure both her financial and physical health are in order, develop a sound and realistic business plan, and connect with mentors and advisors who could fill in the gaps to help build her business.

Genevieve is thankful for all who supported her and continue to do so. She is turning her learning moments into forward thinking and moving actions. She is focused on growing her business lines, especially her wholesale business, while staying unique to her handmade collections and hardcore fans. “I know business is there. Let’s scale up [patiently]. Let’s pay bills and get [debt] off our back. Then we can do our magical stuff.”

The Glasshaus gives Genevieve the space to create, grow, and interact with both the MaKer and neighborhood community. She plans to light new fires for students and adults by offering glass classes that mix fantastical learning and mentoring.

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