Shift Capital is a multi-disciplinary investment and real estate development firm.
Shift Capital provides a vertically integrated investing platform to maximize impact dollars seeking a double bottom line – both social and financial returns.   We are experts in managing our investments, executing complicated real estate projects, and providing transparency through the process.
We seek to work with best-of-class operators, partners and clients in all aspects of our process. We are on a continual search for the right individuals and groups that share our commitment and value to the communities we work in.
If interested in our services or learning more, please contact us.


Shift Development specializes in the redevelopment of urban spaces. Our development capabilities include: property acquisition; feasibility and concept development; design criteria; community development; grant/tax credit; investor relations; governmental partnership, and property tax abatement and incentives. This is a service that we offer to outside organizations and clients.



Shift Capital specializes in the deployment of impact capital – investments seeking social, financial and environmental returns in the real estate sector. We work with family offices, institutional investors and private impact investors in the deployment and impact of capital focused on urban real estate.



Through Shift Property Management, Shift Capital manages all of its assets directly. This includes all rent services such as bookkeeping, rent collections and maintenance for both commercial and residential properties. This provides unique insight to challenges and opportunities on the ground and allows the Shift team to provide dynamic solutions in real time.



Shift Capital has developed a proprietary impact measurement tool to measure the impact of its real estate investments. This tool was developed in the field utilizing input and best practices from partners such as Goldman Sachs and the American Communities Trust. This is a service that we provide to our investments and will be rolling out services in this space in the future.