Our Theory of Change
We look to increase the long-term self-sufficiency, safety, prosperity, and quality of life for residents in underserved urban areas through holistic, thoughtful real estate development and services, blended financing across the private, public and nonprofit sectors, and partnership and programming with city, community, and industry leaders.
The change we seek to make
We seek to accelerate job creation through growth in small businesses and the creative economy, improve neighborhood health and safety, and offer quality housing through thoughtful development that helps catalyze shared prosperity.
Shift impact report

Our progress

2018 Impact Report: Together Goes the Neighborhood

Together with our partners we share our progress in building safer, more prosperous, and stronger neighborhoods within the communities we serve. We are helping to create communities of people who trust one another, help one another, and form an unbreakable cohesion that builds people up rather than pushes them out.

Thank you to the partners and people who help make our work possible.

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