Place-based. Purpose-built.
Progress for all.

During the last decade, SHIFT Capital has been at the forefront of equitable development, building a community-focused portfolio in underserved and underestimated neighborhoods in Philadelphia, a city still holding the moniker as the largest poor city in America.

Over this time, we remained focused on investing in neighborhoods where all families and individuals, businesses and entrepreneurs, have the opportunity to prosper, feel safe, and have access to stable, affordable, quality living and work spaces.

Going forward, we are evolving our work, our scale and our impact. We are amplifying our purpose by continuing to expand our community development work in Philadelphia, and by extending our neighborhood investments with values-aligned development partners around the country. 

We are investing in emerging developers, primarily BIPOC- and women-owned developers, and their projects to advance equity in real estate and deliver community impact at scale. These developers share our values and, together, we are exponentially driving effectual social change in the neighborhoods they call home. We will share their unique stories, journeys, and aspirations through their projects and their voices.

We are constantly learning together with our communities and partners, and turning our learning into joint action that fuels us and powers the impact we are making with and alongside our neighbors. Continuing to lead with joint action only makes us stronger.

Investing in people, places, next generation entrepreneurs, developers, and leaders

$ 1 MM
capital invested in the
neighborhoods we serve
(THROUGH 2022)​
neighborhoods we serve (as of 2022)
BIPOC-owned small businesses operating in our spaces (in 2022)
woman-owned small businesses operating in our spaces (in 2022)
SHIFT Capital philadelphia sharswood ridge grocery outlet
Celebrating Fresh Grocery in Sharswood Neighborhood of Philadelphia