The SHIFT NextGen Impact Platform

Investing in the next generation of impact developers to deliver on effectual social change in communities across the country

Value-aligned investments in value-aligned developers to catalyze impact

The SHIFT NextGen Impact Platform provides value-aligned developers access to capital, resources, and SHIFT’s impact tools to help rising developers grow and scale their business, ensure their projects succeed, and bring positive investments to their neighborhoods. The NextGen Platform is activated by the SHIFT Catalyst Fund and executed by SHIFT’s proven impact measurement tools and NextGen programming tools.

SHIFT Catalyst Fund

The SHIFT Catalyst Fund is a fund vehicle that provides critical capital to projects and developers to ensure that the project succeeds and the developer grows.

SHIFT Impact Metric Platform

SHIFT shares and trains next-generation real estate developers on its Impact Metric Platform, a proprietary resource that SHIFT partners can apply to measure impact on their own projects.

SHIFT NextGen Programming

SHIFT trains and provides rising developers access to real estate tools through its proven programming: Jumpstart Program experience, Developer-in-Residence, Good Neighbor Program, Neighborhood Trust and strategic exit experience, Storefront Challenge.

Opening doors for generational impact

We are deploying our platform by focusing our investments in underrepresented developers and the communities they serve. Historically, entry to the real estate development industry has been extremely challenging for emerging developers. Challenges like raising capital, securing financing, integrating and employing social capital into projects, and delivering with a neighborhood focus. Rising minority developers face these challenges exponentially due to entrenched systemic barriers.

Investing in neighborhoods across the country

NextGen development projects are primarily focused on underserved communities aiming to support community and economic development, and affordable housing. We are working side-by-side with rising developers in Philadelphia, Washington DC, Newark NJ, Ithaca NY, and National City CA.