SHIFT Developer-in-Residence

Throughout our history as an impact development company, we have connected with emerging impact real estate developers in the social impact space who face similar challenges as we did when we started. Challenges like raising capital, securing financing, integrating and employing social capital into projects, and delivering with a neighborhood focus. We have worked to overcome these complications, but rising developers continue to face these complexities exponentially and the inequities that dominate the real estate industry.

Pathways to equity in impact real estate

Through our Developer-in-Residence program, we are committing our team’s knowledge base, experience, and core pursuits to help elevate emerging developers, equitable development, and the communities we serve. The residency program capitalizes on SHIFT’s industry experience and catalyzes our learnings as a community developer and investor.

The Developer-in-Residence program trains and cultivates emerging developers by integrating individuals or small teams with our team in a supportive learning environment. Rising developers access SHIFT’s proven real estate tools and cross-collaborate with our team members through experiential, on-the-project, and peer-to-peer learning. Developers-in-Residence will:

  • Join the SHIFT team for a planned period working on SHIFT’s development portfolio
  • Gain in-project experience on larger, more complex projects
  • Access SHIFT’s real estate tools and programming
  • Share their knowledge and expertise with the SHIFT team as part of crossover training
Meet our Developer-in-Residence
Alex Robles and Juan Saenz, Voyage Investments

Voyage Investments was founded in 2018 with the purpose of having an impact-driven approach to the ownership and development of multifamily real estate in the City of Philadelphia. Voyage is missioned to provide quality housing options through the preservation and development of mixed-use properties and affordable housing for working-class and low income communities.

Read more from Alex and Juan.

Alex Robles and Juan Saenz, SHIFT's Developer-in-Residence

We truly believe our mission aligns and augments SHIFT’s mission. By joining forces we will gain first-hand experience working on SHIFT’s active deals, learn best practices, connect with their existing relationships, and receive strategic guidance to better scale our platform. In turn, we will provide strategic and analytical support towards SHIFT’s development and partnership initiatives.

Alex Robles and Juan Saenz