Building cleaner, safer neighborhoods along Kensington Avenue and at the Beury Building

Kensington Avenue cleanup philadelphia
Over the last few years, our team at Shift Capital has focused on re-energizing the neighborhoods in Kensington north of Lehigh Ave as well around the intersection of Broad Street and Erie Avenue. We have invested in revitalizing commercial and residential properties, empowering local entrepreneurs and businesses, and partnering with community organizations. Two of our considerable investments have been Kensington Avenue and the Beury Building at the intersection of Broad Street and Germantown Avenue.

As part of our continued investment in these neighborhoods, we are pleased to announce our Clean Blocks pilot program. In North Kensington, we are partnering with Impact Services–a local non-profit dedicated to fostering community engagement and providing workforce development and housing for homeless veterans. We are providing funding for Impact’s crews to keep clean the 3000-3400 blocks along Kensington Avenue.

Similarly, we are teaming with North Broad Renaissance–a local non-profit looking to revitalize the community, create opportunities, and improve the economic power and quality of life along North Broad. We are funding clean up services for the perimeter area around the Beury Building.

Through these initiatives we are creating a greater quality of life for residents working towards building cleaner, safer neighborhoods.

“This is only the beginning of a larger plan to beautify and revitalize these areas. For Shift, safety, health, and wellbeing are important factors in developing a vibrant and prosperous community for everyone,” said Shift Capital’s Brent Howard.

We hope to expand the reach of our program along both corridors. We will work with our partners, residents, and investors to continue programs like Clean Blocks that benefit our community.

The initial results of our efforts are remarkable. The transformation of the blocks is beginning to infuse new energy down Kensington Avenue and around the Beury Building. See for yourself.

Kensington Avenue philadelphia cleanup

Kensington Avenue block cleanup (before)

Kensington Avenue cleanup philadelphia

Kensington Avenue block cleanup (after)

Beury Building North Broad cleanup philadelphia

Beury Building block cleanup (before & after)

A special thanks to our partners: Impact Services and North Broad Renaissance.


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