Shift Capital is the first in Philadelphia to provide its residential tenants with 24/7 telehealth access to doctors to help close the health equity gap

Shift health equity tenant program philadelphia
Shift is partnering with HEALTH+ to provide residents in its communities access to quality healthcare and low-cost prescription medications via two services, Teladoc and CleverRX. Teladoc will enable residents to contact a doctor through a phone call or video chat, and CleverRX will provide access to discount prescriptions. Shift is providing this service at no cost to the tenant.

“We recognize there are multiple barriers to residents accessing healthcare, such as lack of time off from work, cost, and transportation issues. We are partnering with HEALTH+ to offer our residents affordable access to doctors and medications. This directly aligns to our mission of fostering healthy communities,” said Shift CEO Brian Murray.

Through Teladoc, residents can speak with a Pennsylvania board certified doctor on demand to diagnose, treat and prescribe medication for non-emergency conditions. This includes treatments for the common cold and flu, eye and ear infections, stomach issues, and skin conditions. They can then use CleverRX’s discount prescription card to potentially receive a reduced price on their prescription.

“Shift is breaking new ground and showing how landlords can embrace and apply technology-enabled solutions to provide their tenants with services that go beyond housing,” said Matt Hoffman, a partner in the HEALTH+ venture. “People should not have to make a choice between taking their sick child to the doctor and getting fired for missing work, or neglecting their child’s immediate needs to earn a paycheck. HEALTH+ eliminates this catch-22 and creates a win-win for residents and landlords.”

According to the Wellness Council of America, 70% of all physician visits and 40% of urgent care visits can be managed using telehealth. “With HEALTH+, we are eliminating most barriers to consulting a doctor and potentially saving our tenants from making difficult decisions whether to get help or go untreated,” Murray said.

HEALTH+ is offered nationally as a subscription service for landlords to provide to their tenants. If you would like more information about Health+, please visit their website.



HEALTH+ is on a mission to change people’s lives by giving them direct access to doctors when they need them – 24/7 from wherever they are, for anyone who lives with them – and getting people access to the medications they need at the lowest price possible.

Conceived and implemented through a partnership between The Paragin Group and Innovation Ventures, we have created Health+ as a way for renters to get access to the doctors and prescription medications they need and deserve to have healthy and productive lives.

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