SHIFT Capital Joins WYL (WhoseYourLandlord) for Home Providers Pilot Program

SHIFT Capital Whose Your Landlord Philadelphia
The collaboration offers SHIFT increased insight into residential experiences.

WYL (WhoseYourLandlord) announced today that SHIFT Capital is the latest real estate developer to join the company’s WYL for Home Providers Pilot Program. By participating, SHIFT gains critical information about their residents’ needs and expectations; the company can then operationalize that feedback to improve residential experiences across the board.

SHIFT is a neighborhood investment group that executes real estate projects and financing strategies that create equitable and mixed-income communities for the long-term. By using WYL for Home Providers, SHIFT is reinforcing its commitment to reducing the historical imbalances in the residential market and focus on increasing transparency for its community of residents.

“When we first partnered with Ofo [Ezeugwu] and the WhoseYourLandlord team years back, we knew WYL’s tool would strengthen transparency between landlords and residents and raise accountability standards,” said Aneshia Tomlinson, SHIFT’s Director of Property Management. “Now, we are seeing it in action at one of our properties. The tool gives us direct resident feedback we are using to act on suggestions, address improvements, and make sure we stick to our resident-first approach and deliver the best experience to our residents.”

SHIFT adds its name to a growing list of WYL for Home Provider clients; the pilot program brings residents into focus by combining real-time insights with market research and data for the added context necessary to truly understand their renters. These innovative organizations are providing expert leadership in the movement to make the rental industry more equitable, transparent, and impactful for residents and home providers alike.

“Each of our clients are working to create a deeper connection with their residents; we are excited to have SHIFT join other participants who are demonstrating their revolutionary thought and leadership by recognizing the need to ensure a better experience for their residents” says Ofo Ezeugwu, CEO and Founder of WYL. “This movement is about helping home providers ignite a feedback-obsessed culture across their entire enterprise—powered by real-time residential feedback. We all have the same mission: to improve the relationship between home providers and residents, transforming the rental industry forever. ”



Named the “MVP of landlord review sites” by Apartment Therapy, WYL is the first of its kind. With an aim to provide more transparency into the rental/housing space, WYL was created with residents in mind. Historically, the housing industry has put landlords first, asking for more information about renters than they would ever know about their home providers.

At WYL, putting people at the heart of housing means amplifying their voice with a process that takes just a few minutes—and it means ensuring that every home provider-resident interaction is about the person in that home, not just the profit of the space. We’re in the business of empowering people to create homes out of the spaces they live in. WYL provides the resources and platform for them to exercise their right to live comfortably in their home.


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